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Dr. Travis Moschak, a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Behavioral and Integrative Neuroscience Program, is the recipient of a 2019 K99 Pathway to Independent grant by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The purpose of the NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00) program is to increase and maintain a strong cohort of new and talented, NIH-supported, independent investigators. This program is designed to facilitate a timely transition of outstanding postdoctoral researchers with a research and/or clinical doctorate degree from mentored, postdoctoral research positions to independent, tenure-track or equivalent faculty positions. The program will provide independent NIH research support during this transition in order to help awardees to launch competitive, independent research careers.

Dr. Moschak received a total award of over $232,000 (over two years) for his project, “Neural Circuitry of Distress Tolerance.”

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